"Kubiesówka" is situated 20-30 min. walk uphill, through fields and the forest, from the Ujsoły-Glinka road (30 min along the yellow trail from bus stop).
              We are able to organize luggage transportation for our guests at any time of the year. It is also possible to access the house by a motor road. The house is located on the hillside of Kubiesówka, 100m from the top.

              We offer 2-8 person rooms, with all the necessary touristic amenities on the 1st and 2nd floor. 2 bathrooms - ladies and gents as well as 4 toilets are located in the basement.

              We provide 30 beds, year round, and we run our own kitchen, offering full board with mouth-watering homemade meals.


Kubiesówka offers:


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Teresa and Katarzyna Komorek
Glinka 77
34-371 Ujsoły
telephone: (+48) 33/8626746
or: (+48) 608711133
E-mail: kubiesowka@interia.pl

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